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Guitar Shares is owned at operated by The Brand O' Guitar Company.

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About Guitar Shares

Guitar Shares is an amazing and unique program that provides rewards for sharing information about "Everything Guitar" as a way to build an online community.

Guitar Shares is the only online social platform where you earn points everytime someone joins the Guitar Shares Network from your posts.

When you join the Guitar Shares network, you help strengthen relationships among fellow guitarists while earning Share Points that can be exchanged for cool guitar gear.

The Brand O' Guitar Company

Guitar Shares is the brainchild of master guitar designer and artist Gino Gavoni, originally conceived as a marketing tool for his Brand O Guitar Company. Once the Guitar Shares concept starting coming to life, it was evident that the program needed to be open to anyone who wanted to share guitar information.

The goal of Guitar Shares is to reward everyone involved for simply sharing "Everything Guitar" while building a worldwide community with a common love for all things guitar.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the network.

Musically Yours!

This is way cool!!!!

Wayne Burly - Knoxville TN

Its about time!!!!! Rockin it!

Terry Morris - Jacksonville FL

I use this site everyday! Way cool!

David Ylung - Dayton OH

Way cool! I share as much as I can and I get really cool stuff for it!

George Thomas - Seattle WA

This program rocks hard!!!

David Mann - Tampa FL

How easy is this!!! Very Rockin!!

Bart Marlin - Auburn AL

Rocking Program!

Matt Bithalow - Atlanta Ga

Awesome kiss ass program!

Todd Banfield - San Antonio TX

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